Black Highlighter makes it easy to hide text in images you want to share. Black Highlighter’s “Magic Highlighting” feature automatically detects text in images and helps you make nice, even redactions in your photos and screenshots.

App Integrations

Black Highlighter works with your favorite apps to hide text from anywhere.


Black Highlighter supports the X-Callback-URL scheme to perform actions from within shortcuts built in the Shortcuts app.

Highlight Last Screenshot is an example shortcut that finds the last screenshot that was taken on your iPhone or iPad and opens it in Black Highlighter.

Check our our page on Shortcuts integration for more in-depth integration help.

Privacy Policy

Black Highlighter keeps your private information private. More information is available in our privacy policy.

Release Notes

2019.2 — 2019-07-09

You can now use Black Highlighter’s editing tools from inside other apps as an action. Try it out in the Photos app!

Other changes:

2019.1 — 2019-06-26

1.1 — 2018-11-26

1.0.1 — 2018-05-28!

1.0 — 2018-05-31!

Initial app release.